Project Description

General characteristics

Settlement area 16.44 ha.
Number of parcels for sale – 56.
Parcels size - from 1300 to 4500 sq. m.

Engineering services

The settlement is provided with everything necessary:

  • water supply from several artesian wells, water supply network for each house;
  • electricity;
  • gas supply.

Gravel roads for common usage.

Settlement infrasctructure:

Street lighting, 24h guard post with an entrance barrier system.

Parcels with no contract for building

The main feature of the new settlement can be easily described – unlike the standard projects you have a possibility to build your own unique house, the house you like, entirely conceived by yourself from choosing the materials for the walls and the roof to the color of the curtains and the shape of the fireplace grid. This inimitable house shall manifest only your individuality and your self.


"Vidiviye" is definitely unique by its landscape. The settlement is situated in a picturesque forest. With such a luxuriant framing your house will never look something weird. It is an organic part of this lovely place, as natural as the brooks floating through "Vidivoye", as its amazingly pure air and the bracing coniferous fragrance. The relief enables also the rare possibility to realize the most daring ideas of how to design the landscape.


The security of the inhabitants is the most important component of the project. By this time the settlement area is completely enclosed. Furthermore a twenty-four-hour custody service shall be established to ensure the rest of the inhabitants.

Phones: +7 (812) 401-66-11,

401-66-12, 947-44-47


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