The settlement "Vodovoye" is situated in the "golden country triangle", traditionally most expensive, popular and asked-for out-of-town direction from Saint-Petersburg.

Having a house here was of a high prestige since the time when Saint-Petersburg was Russian capital. The real estate possession in Repino-Leninskoye area is an evidence of its owner's specific status. After all the living here is an enjoy: proximity to the bay, pure air, warm wood lakes, tall pines. Important is that the life here is also comfortable: the coast infrastructure is in a process of active development.

"Vidovoye" is only 45 km off Saint-Petersburg, and that is important because the desire to live in the country does not mean to refuse all the good things of the city life.

The settlement is situated in immediate proximity to the community of Leninskoye, 1 km off the Repino-Leninskoye route, 5 km off the Repino platform.

2.5 km off the settlement is the Shchuchye Lake.

Phones: +7 (812) 401-66-11,

401-66-12, 947-44-47


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